About Us

WolcottLynch was formed in 1992 by Susan K. Wolcott, an accounting professor, and Cindy L. Lynch, a developmental psychologist.  They combined two theoretical models from cognitive science—King & Kitchener’s reflective judgment model and Fischer’s dynamic skill theory—with college classroom practice to create a developmental model called “Steps for Better Thinking.” Following Cindy’s death in 2002, Susan continues to build on their body of work.

For more information about the principals of WolcottLynch, see:
Susan K. Wolcott, Apr. 2017, Resume_Wolcott_170406.pdf
Cindy L. Lynch, Nov. 2001, Cindy_VITA_011110.pdf

To contact Susan Wolcott: Send email to swolcott at WolcottLynch.com